Privacy & Chooza Communications Policy

  1. Privacy & Chooza Communications Policy
    1. At Chooza we respect your privacy and are committed to the protection of it.

    2. All Personal Information is collected directly from the Chooza Platform which you consent to providing to Chooza by agreeing to these Terms. This Personal Information may include, amongst other things:
      1. Identifying information (like your name, date of birth and gender).
      2. Contact information (like your email address, physical address, postal address and contact telephone numbers).
      3. Authentication information (like a government issued ID such as a New Zealand driver's licence).

    3. When you create your Chooza Account and when enter into a transaction on the Chooza Platform (including a Sale, Purchase, Donation or buying any of our addon products and services), we collect the information that you provide such as:
      1. First and last name.
      2. Postal and delivery addresses.
      3. Email address.
      4. Phone number(s).
      5. Date of Birth.
      6. Gender (option of prefer not to say).

    4. If you are a Business User or Charity then, in addition to the information in clause 1.3, we may also require that provide us with the following information:
      1. Business/Charity Name legal name.
      2. Trading Name.
      3. Business/Charity description.
      4. Company Registration Number or Charity Registration Number.
      5. IRD and GST numbers.
      6. Any other information as required in the Registration Application.

    5. As the Chooza Platform is a transactional marketplace, you acknowledge and agree that:
      1. Any and all of the information in clauses 16.3 and 16.4 may become available to other Registered Users of the Chooza Platform as Chooza considers appropriate (for example, to a Buyer, Seller or Nominated Charity involved in a transaction and including, in the case of a Charity, to enable Chooza to issue a receipt for any Donation received).
      2. You shall not use another Registered User's contact information for any other purpose than for completing a Sale or Purchase, making a Donation or communicating in respect of such transaction.
      3. Chooza will collect and retain all:
        1. Your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 (as may be modified by these terms, to the maximum extent permitted by law).
        2. Your personal Information as required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Finance of Terrorism Act 2019.
        3. Your Personal Information that you include on any forms that you complete on the Chooza Platform (such as under a Listing, a Buy Now or Auction).
        4. Communications that you make other Registered Users.
        5. Communications that you make with Chooza including records of any audio conversations that you have with us.
        6. Other information that you provide to us including your feedback, complaints and responses to our surveys and promotions.
      4. Chooza can use your Personal Information in any investigations it is undertaking to detect and prevent a breach of these Terms.

    6. In addition, you agree that Chooza can collect additional Personal Information about you by using cookies, beacons, pixels and other similar means. This will let us:
      1. Scrutinize traffic on the Chooza Platform and the effectiveness of our marketing and promotional activities.
      2. Know about how you use the Chooza Platform (such as when you are looking at things, what you are looking at and what transactions you are undertaking).
      3. Determine what kind of transactions you have shown interest in on the Chooza Platform.
      4. See your preferences for Charities, businesses and Items.
      5. Know about your location (by using your IP address) and the type of device you are using.
      6. Add listings to your cart and to your wish list.
      7. Store language settings for you.
      8. Save your view preferences.
      9. Add listings to the recently listed items table.
      10. Save your login information for easy access to your Chooza Account.

    7. If you do not wish to accept our cookies or if you wish to set your browser to warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or if you wish to turn off all cookies, then please use the options on your browser to assist you. For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit However, you agree that if you don't accept our cookies then you may not be access important functions in the Chooza Platform. Sometimes, this will mean that you cannot conduct a transaction via the Chooza Platform.

    8. If you have linked or otherwise connected your Chooza Account with third party providers (like Facebook), then those third party providers can send us your Personal Information as you have agreed with them.

    9. The information collected from you is processed in New Zealand and stored with Australia and stored with Amazon Web Services. We will keep your Personal Information for as long as we reasonably require in accordance with this Privacy Policy, unless we are required by law to hold it longer.

    10. Chooza may use your Personal Information for the following purposes and you agree to Chooza disclosing your information for these purposes:
      1. To send you marketing and promotional materials and links that we consider are relevant to you (such as listings that we think you would be interested in, news and information about the Chooza Platform (including that of our Sellers and Charities) and general marketing purposes to encourage and promote the use of the Chooza Platform.
      2. To contact you regarding your use of the Chooza Platform including sending you notifications, alerts and information relating to your use of the Chooza Platform and otherwise assisting you with your use of the Chooza Platform.
      3. To send you the relevant Personal Information of Registered Users that you are undertaking a transaction with (including in respect of Sale, Purchase or Donation) to assist in the completion of a transaction and/or to ensure that any information that needs to be exchanged relating to a transaction can take place.
      4. To send other Registered Users that you are undertaking a transaction with (including in respect of a Sale, Purchase or Donation) your Personal Information to assist in the completion of a transaction and/or to ensure that any information that needs to be exchanged relating to a transaction can take place.
      5. To send to Charities so that they can contact you directly in the future for their marketing purposes.
      6. To send to its marketing advisors to assist Chooza in developing marketing and promotional campaigns for Chooza.
      7. To sell your Personal Information to third parties (including, without limitation, any other Registered User) who may wish to send you offers, promotions or marketing materials.
      8. To pass on to our Payment Gateway to enable a transaction to be completed and you agree that in order to use the Payment Gateway, you must accept the Payment Gateway’s terms and conditions of use (including its privacy policy) which is completely independent of Chooza.
      9. To pass on to our other third party providers such as the CDD Providers or the Financial Dispute Resolution Service to enable us to give effect to these Terms.
      10. To pass on to our developers and other professional advisors as we consider necessary to enable us to improve the Chooza Platform and to otherwise protect our interests.
      11. To record your Sales, Purchase and Donations history against your profile so that other users can see your trading history on the Chooza Platform.
      12. To allow other Registered Users to post feedback about you and you agree that Chooza is not responsible for the content of any such feedback nor will Chooza ever be liable to you if that feedback is negative or untrue in any way.
      13. To comply with various laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful request for information we receive, or to otherwise protect our rights.
      14. To share anonymised data, for example, usage and transactional data with third parties for marketing and performance insights.

    11. Where we provide your Personal Information to our third party providers (such as, for example, the Payment Gateway, CDD Providers, Financial Dispute Resolution Service our developers) or we receive your Personal information from such third parties, you agree and consent to:
      1. The exchange of your Personal Information in that way.
      2. To those providers individual privacy policies.

    12. If you wish to:
      1. See any third party providers privacy policy, please email us at and we will procure that they are provided to you.
      2. Update any of your Personal Information that Chooza holds, you may do so via your Dashboard.
      3. Opt out of receiving the Chooza newsletter, you may do so via your Dashboard.

    13. You may contact Chooza to access, request corrections to, or deletion of, your Personal Information. If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or otherwise wish to contact us about it, please contact us through the Contact Us section of the website.