Chooza Fees Policy

18.1         If you’re a Charity, you agree that:

a.             To be eligible to be a Registered User and to accept Donations you must have paid the Charity Monthly Subscription Fee for the current month.

b.             Chooza will record in the Chooza Trust Account ledger every Donation that has been made to you.

c.             A Donation will be considered made to you when Chooza notifies you that it has credited a Donation to you in the Chooza Trust Account ledger.

d.             You will pay Chooza an administration fee equal to 15% (plus GST) of the gross value of every Donation that is made to you via the Chooza Platform. Chooza will send you an invoice for such fees as part of your monthly statement.

e.             Chooza will provide you with a monthly statement on or about the 10th day of every month which details:

i.              All Donations made to you during that month; and

ii.             All invoices that Chooza has issued to you during that month.

f.              Chooza will pay to you the sum of Donations due to you less the applicable Chooza Fees on or about the 20th day of every month, for Donations which were made to you in the preceding month.

18.2         Where a Seller elects to enhance its Listing and a Listing Fee is payable, then:

a.             The Listing will not be updated until the relevant Listing Fee has been paid;

b.             Upon the relevant Listing Fee having been paid, Chooza will activate the Seller’s enhanced Listing.