Donations Policy

  1. Donations Policy
    1. Once you've sold an Item via the Chooza Platform, the Buyer is required to pay the Purchase Price into the Chooza Trust Account.
    2. As soon as the Purchase Price is received in the Chooza Trust Account, the Seller agrees that:
      1. Chooza receives the Purchase Price on your behalf and holds it in trust pursuant to the terms of these Terms.
      2. Subject to these Terms, Chooza will then transfer the gross value of the Purchase Price to and for the benefit of the Nominated Charity as a Donation.
      3. Chooza will procure that the Nominated Charity provides you with a Donation Receipt for your Donation.

    3. If any of the following situations apply, the Seller agrees that Chooza will select the Nominated Charity and make the Donation to that Charity:
      1. The Nominated Charity you have selected de-registers as a Member.
      2. The Nominated Charity you have selected is not in full compliance with these Terms (for example, if it is no longer registered as a Charity under the Charities Act or the bank account number that Chooza has for that Charity is no longer valid).

    4. If you're a Nominated Charity, you agree:
      1. That immediately upon request by Chooza, you will provide Chooza with all information (including documentation and files) and in a format that Chooza requires in order that Chooza may generate a Donation Receipt on your behalf.
      2. That you authorise Chooza to:
        1. Accept Donations on your behalf from Donators who have appointed you as their Nominated Charity and to deal with that Donation in accordance with these Terms;
        2. To send, on your behalf, a Donation Receipt to the Donator as soon as the Donation has been made (in accordance with these Terms);
        3. To generate a receipt number for each Donation Receipt; and
        4. To send you a statement showing the Donation made to you.
      3. That you are instructing Chooza to, on your behalf, generate a Donation Receipt for each and every Donation made to you and to send such Donation Receipt to the Seller without having the right to consent to the issue of the same.
      4. Provide all reasonable assistance that Chooza requires which arises from any Donation (whether or not that Donation is yet to be made).
      5. To notify Chooza immediately via your Member portal in the event that your charitable status under the Charities Act changes in any way.
      6. To notify Chooza immediately via your Member portal in the event that you become aware that you may not be complying with the Charities Act, or you are the subject of any sanction, order, prosecution or investigation by any government authority.

    5. As a Donator you agree that:
      1. Any Donation you make is made at your own risk.
      2. Chooza is not (and never will be) liable or otherwise responsible for any statements, representations, promises or otherwise which a Charity may have made and upon which basis you decided to make a Donation to that Charity.
      3. At the time of every Donation made, you are satisfied on the basis of your own judgement and investigations that you wish to make the Donation.

    6. Whether you're a Donator or a Nominated Charity, you agree that:
      1. Chooza has not made any representations, warranties or assurances regarding any tax and accounting implications arising from your involvement with the Chooza Platform.
      2. It is possible that your use of the Chooza Platform may result in adverse tax consequences for you and that you assume full responsibility for any and all such consequences.
      3. You are responsible for seeking your own tax accounting and tax advice rising from your involvement with the Chooza Platform together with meeting all taxation obligations which arise as a result.