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Registration Information
Note: For Schools - Only State and State-Integrated schools can register.
For Charities - Where your local organisation is part of a larger group or organisation, please provide clear reference to this so it can be used on the receipt.
For example, "Relief of Poverty Foundation, Wellington Branch".
Put N/A if you are registering as a school
Put N/A if you are registering as a school
Physical Address
Enter the physical address of your charity.
Postal Address
(If different from physical address)
Enter the postal address of the charity.
Trust Address
(If registered as a trust as well, and different from charity address)
Enter the trust address of the charity.
Bank Account
Format: Bank - Branch Number - Account Number - Suffix
Upload File
Please provide verification of the above bank account in the form of a deposit slip (preferred), cheque, bank statement, screen shot of online banking, photograph or PDF of original documentation, that clearly shows the bank account name and number.
Admin User Details
These are the contact details of the person we will contact for any Chooza account related matters.
Customer Contact Details
These are the contact details users will use if they wish to contact you.
The full name, designation of trustee with the main authority
Chairman, CEO etc.
ID Verification
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
This will only be used for the issuing of receipts to donators
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Password strength rules: at least 8 characters, no spaces, at least one uppercase letter, at least one digit, at least one special character.
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