Buyers & Sellers Registration Policy

4.1           In order to:

a.             Transact on the Chooza Platform, you must become a Registered User.

b.             Become a Registered User, you must complete a Registration Application.


4.2           To be eligible to become a Registered User you must:

a.             Be an identifiable legal entity like a company or a natural person.

b.             If you’re a natural person, you must be over 18 years of age.

c.             Not be restricted or otherwise prohibited from entering into legal contracts in New Zealand.

d.             Be a New Zealand resident (including a New Zealand tax resident).

e.             If you intend to undertake a Purchase, you must have a credit card in your own name.

f.              You must participate in and fully comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Policy if Chooza requires.