Nominated Charity Policy

  1. Nominated Charity Policy
    1. As a Seller you can elect a Nominated Charity when creating your Listing.
    2. If a Seller doesn't select a Nominated Charity when it creates its Listing, then immediately on submitting its Listing on the Chooza Platform, the Seller irrevocably:
      1. Revokes its right to choose a Nominated Charity for that Listing.
      2. Gives the Buyer the right to select the Nominated Charity on the Seller's behalf.
    3. Where the Buyer has the right to select the Nominated Charity, it must do so in order to successfully complete its purchase.
    4. The appointment of a Nominated Charity as above will be final except that if any of the following situations apply, the Seller agrees that Chooza will select the Nominated Charity and make the Donation to that Charity:
      1. The Nominated Charity you have selected is no longer a Registered User.
      2. The Nominated Charity you have selected is not in full compliance with these Terms (for example, if it is no longer registered as a Charity under the Charities Act or the bank account number that Chooza has for that Charity is no longer valid).
    5. If you're a Charity:
      1. And you've received a Donation, you agree that you will immediately return that Donation to a Seller (on demand by the Seller) in the event that you were not a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005 when the Donation was made to you.
      2. You agree that you will only use the Donation made to you for charitable purposes as expressly permitted by your charitable trust deed.
      3. Where you have stated that you will apply any Donations for a specific purpose, you will only use the Donation for that purpose.