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Frequently asked questions

The seller gets first right to Chooza charity when they list an item. If they don't Chooza charity, then the buyer gets to Chooza charity.

Either way a charity has to be chosen to receive the funds for a sale to be processed.
The best thing to do is to contact that charity directly and let them know that they are missing out on your support. They can then register on Chooza. Ultimately it's up to each charity to decide if they want to be on Chooza.
Each listing will display either the name of the charity who will receive the funds or "You Chooza charity", the latter means you can choose which charity receives the funds from the sale.
All transactions a paid by Credit Card, with the funds going to the nominated charity.
It's Free to list an item on Chooza. However, you can pay a small fee to enhance your listing to generate even more for your chosen charity with things like extra images, featuring the listing, highlight your listing and adding an additional category.

You can see our additional listing fees here.
To help maintain a decent standard of items for sale, and help contribute to charities, we have to set a minimum price of $14.99 on all items.
You can always bundle a number of items together. E.g., instead of listing one book, you could list a box of books.
Go to the Charities page and search the list of charities, or use the filters on the left-hand navigation menu to filter charities in your search.
The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, unless the seller has offered to include shipping as part of the listing.

Some sellers will also allow pick-ups too.
The shipping options are available to choose when you list an item and are also visible as part of each listing.
As a buyer you have 21 days to raise and resolve a dispute with the seller.

If you can't resolve the dispute in this timeframe, you have an additional 10 days to lodge a claim with the Disputes Tribunal.

With all disputes there's only two outcomes, wither the sale is deemed "complete", or a refund is required.

For both of these outcomes we need both parties to agree to the same outcome. If no agreement is reached Chooza will act on the ruling of the Disputes Tribunal.

For more information, please see our Disputes Policy, or you can raise a dispute on your dashboard.
No. You can only buy and sell on Chooza if you are in New Zealand.
Chooza is a safe place for people to trade online, and as such we rely on the common sense and goodwill of our users to support this. So please use your common sense before listing an item.

You can also find out more about what you can and can't list in our Items Policy.
All of the proceeds of each sale go to the nominated charity. Chooza then charges a small admin fee to the charity to cover our overheads.
Pick-ups are at the discretion of the seller and will be outlined in each listing.
If someone has nominated a charity to receive the proceeds of the sale, then we ask that you respect that.

You can however look for similar items where you can Chooza Charity or look at items listed under your favourite charity.
Yes, you can edit your listing by going to your dashboard: Selling / Current Listings
No. Chooza has no control over a charity's enpenditure. If you wish to find out more about how a nominated charity allocates its funds, feel free to contact them directly.
100% of the sale proceeds to go to the nominated charity. Chooza then charges a small admin fee for each transaction to the chosen charity for each sale to cover our overheads.
Yes. The seller gets a donation receipt for the full sale price of each item from the nominated charity for each transaction. You can also go to your Dashboard to get a record of all the donation you have made.
No. The seller gets a donation receipt for the full sale price of their listed item.