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Charities Registration Policy

  1. Charities Registration Policy
    1. In order to be noted as a Charity and be eligible to receive Donations via the Chooza Platform, you must be a Registered User;

    2. To be eligible to become a Registered User as a Charity:
      1. You must be a registered charity under the Charities Act.
      2. Must not be subject to any sanction, order, prosecution or investigation by any government authority.
      3. Always have a current bank account number held with a registered New Zealand bank capable of accepting payments electronically.
      4. You must have paid the Charity Annual Subscription Fee for the then current year.
      5. You must participate in and fully comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Policy if Chooza requires.
      6. You must be approved by Chooza (in its sole and absolute discretion).

    3. Every Charity that is a Registered User can also be a Buyer, Seller or Donator.