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Terms and Conditions

By using the Chooza Platform, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions (Terms):

In these Terms, we use defined expressions which will begin with capital letters. The table below sets out all of the defined expressions we use and what their corresponding meaning is.

A tip: skip this table for now and refer to it as you read through these Terms and come across a defined expression – then come back here to get the full meaning of that expression.

Expression Meaning
Auction The online auction for an Item in a Listing where Buyers will submit competing bids. You agree that this is not an auction for the purposes of the Auctioneers Act 2013.
Anti-Money Laundering Policy See our Anti-Money Laundering Policy here.
API Application programming interfaces used to operate the Chooza Platform.
Business User A person or entity that is in business/trade including where it is reasonable for an ordinary member of the public to assume that such person or entity is acting in trade when buying or selling an Item using the Chooza Platform.
Buyer(s) The Registered User that is the successful purchaser of an Item under a Listing.
Buyers & Sellers Registration Policy See the Chooza Buyers & Sellers Registration Policy here.
Buying on Chooza Policy See the Buying on Chooza Policy here.
Charity A charitable organisation that is registered as a charity under the Charities Act or a School.
Charities Acts Charities Act 2005.
Charities Registration Policy See our Charities Registration Policy here.
Charity Monthly Subscription Fee $39.95+GST charged every 30 days.
Chooza Chooza Limited (NZCN 8083306).
Chooza Account Each Registered User's unique account within in the Chooza Platform.
Chooza's Fees The fees payable by Sellers and Charities in accordance with Chooza Fee's Policy.
Chooza Fees Policy See the Chooza Fees Policy here.
Chooza Platform The online marketplace hosted by Chooza via including all associated URLs that Chooza controls and all APIs that are necessary for the Chooza Platform to operate.
Chooza Platform Policy See the Chooza Platform Policy here.
Chooza Trust Accounts Separate bank accounts where all monies are held in trust for the benefit of the Buyer, the Seller and Charities pursuant to these Terms.
Communications Policy See our Communications Policy here.
Complaints Policy See our Complaints Policy here.
Covid-19 Policy See our Covid-19 Policy here.
CDD Provider Chooza's client due diligence approved third party provider being Bioverify (
Dashboard Means the dashboard on the Chooza Platform for each Registered User once they have logged into their Chooza Account.
Delivery Policy See our Delivery Policy here.
Digital Content Includes:
  • Photos, software, video files, audio files.
  • Access information for subscription sites (such as Disney Plus, Neon, Steampunk, Google Play, Apple Store, Netflix etc).
  • Any content which does not comply with the Films, Videos, and Publications Classifications Act 1993.
Dispute A dispute arising from the use of the Chooza Platform between:
  • Registered Users; or
  • A Registered User and Chooza.
Disputes Policy See our Disputes Policy here.
Donation(s) Either one of the following as the case may be:
  • A donation(s) made by a Donator to a Nominated Charity via the Chooza Platform including a donation which arises from a Ongoing Donation.
  • The gross dollar value of each Purchase Price which Chooza will, on a Seller's behalf, apply to and for the benefit of a Nominated Charity in accordance with the Donations Policy.
Donations Policy See our Donations Policy here.
Donator A person or entity that makes a Donation or seeks to make a Donation.
Donation Receipt A receipt issued by the recipient of a Donation pursuant to these Terms which must include the following information:
  • The name of the Donator;
  • The amount of the Donation;
  • The date of the Donation;
  • The name of the Nominated Charity;
  • The contact information of the Nominated Charity;
  • The logo of the Nominated Charity;
  • The Nominated Charity's charity registration number;
  • A clear statement that the sums referred to are a donation;
  • The official stamp of the Nominated Charity;
  • The name and a copy of the signature of a representative of the Nominated Charity duly authorised to provide receipts for donations received by the Nominated Charity; and
  • A receipt number.
Fixed Price The price noted as the advertised or fixed price on a Listing being the price that the Seller is willing to sell the Item for immediately which would prevent the Item being sold by Auction which price cannot be less than $15.00+GST.
Fixed Price Purchase When a Buyer elects to purchase an Item at a Fixed Price under a Listing and pays that Fixed Price pursuant to the Payments Policy.
General Terms Policy See our General Terms Policy here.
Individual User A natural person.
Item The product, Voucher, or item that a Seller advertises for sale on the Chooza Platform which must comply with our Items Policy.
Items Policy See our Items Policy here.
Listing The listing of an Item by the Seller for sale on the Chooza Platform whether that Item is for sale via Auction, Fixed Price or both.
Listing Fees The fees applicable to Sellers who wish to enhance their Listings with Chooza's listing ad-ons as set out in the Listing Fees section of the website.
Listing Form The form that a Seller must complete in order to list an Item for sale on the Chooza Platform.
Ongoing Donation Agreement A service whereby a Donator elects to make frequent and periodic Donations of particular values to particular Charities as set out in the Ongoing Donation Form.
Ongoing Donation Form A form setting out the details for an Ongoing Donation Arrangement that a Donator chooses to enter into.
Ongoing Donations Policy See our Ongoing Donations Policy here.
Nominated Charity The Charity nominated by the Seller, Donator, Buyer or Chooza (as the case may be) to receive the Donation in accordance with these Terms.
Nominated Charity Policy See our Nominated Charity Policy here.
Payment Gateway Stripe, being Chooza's online payment processing capability provided and administered by Stripe.
Payment Policy See our Payment Policy here.
Personal Information The information pertaining to a natural person as that expression is defined and used in the Privacy Act 2020.
Privacy & Chooza Communications Policy See our Privacy & Chooza Communications Policy here.
Purchase The proposed or actual purchase of an Item via the Chooza Platform which must be undertaken in accordance with these Terms.
Purchase Price The proposed or actual purchase of an Item via the Chooza Platform which must be undertaken in accordance with these Terms.
Registered User A Buyer, Donator, Seller or Charity (as the case may be) who has successfully completed their Registration Application.
Registered Users Policy See our Registered Users Policy here.
Registration Application The form that every Registered User must complete in order to become eligible to use the Chooza Platform to buy and sell Items and, in the case of a Charity, to receive a Donation.
  • A Seller may stipulate a reserve price for an Item in the Listing, provided that it cannot be less than $15.00+GST and that the Seller cannot subsequently vary the reserve.
  • In the event that the Seller does not stipulate a reserve price for the Item in the Listing, a default reserve of $15.00+GST will be noted on the Listing and the Seller cannot subsequently vary the reserve.
Sale The proposed or actual sale of an Item via the Chooza Platform which must be undertaken in accordance with these Terms.
Sale Contract Policy See our Sale Contract Policy here.
School A state or state-integrated school registered as such by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand.
Schools Registration Policy See our Schools Registration Policy here.
Seller A person or entity that sells or proposes to sell an Item via the Chooza Platform.
Selling on Chooza Policy See our Selling on Chooza Policy here.
Terms These terms and conditions as updated by Chooza from time to time.
Time of Purchase An Item will be considered purchased when Chooza has notified/confirmed to the Buyer that all of the following has occurred:
  1. The Buyer:
    1. Is the highest bidder at an Auction and the Reserve has been met; or
    2. Has successfully made a Fixed Price Purchase.
  2. The Purchase Price has been paid in accordance with the Payments Policy.
Voucher A binding and enforceable ticket, voucher or letter of credit or otherwise which entitles the bearer to utilise for the full value noted in the ticket, voucher, letter of credit or otherwise for the purpose set out in such document which must comply in all respects with the Items Policy.