The Chooza Platform Policy

2.1           Whether you’re a Buyer, Donator, Seller or Charity you agree that:

a.             The Chooza Platform operates solely as a:

i.              Marketplace whereby the Seller can advertise and sell its Items directly to Buyers; and

ii.             Convenient medium to enable Donators to make Donations.

b.             Chooza is not an auctioneer for the purposes of the Auctioneers Act 2013 including any associated regulation.

c.             Chooza’s role is simply to provide an independent platform for independent:

i.              Sellers and Buyers to connect with each other and undertake a sale and purchase transaction directly via an internet auction or internet peer to peer transaction; and

ii.             Donators to make Donations.

d.             Chooza helps facilitate a direct sale between a Seller and a Buyer and also helps Seller’s and Donators to make Donations.

e.             By using the Chooza Platform to undertake a Sale or Purchase, you agree that any sale resulting from a listing is a direct sale between a Seller and a Buyer and specifically not with Chooza.

2.2           Every user of the Chooza Platform (including Registered Users) agrees that to the maximum extent permitted by law:

a.             They have not relied upon any statement, representation, inducement, offer or warranty made by or on behalf of Chooza. 

b.             They have been advised to take their own tax advice regarding the transactions they propose entering into via the Chooza Platform.

c.             They are fully responsible for and will not hold Chooza to account for any loss or damage arising from their use of the Chooza Platform in the broadest possible sense and this includes assuming complete and entire responsibility for the purchasing of any Item (including its legality, safety and quality) and any matters arising out of a Donation that they make (including the legality of the Charity, the statements it may have made about what a Donation may be used for and otherwise).

d.             Chooza is not (and never will be) liable to them (or to anyone else) for anything that arises from their use of the Chooza Platform including the actions (or inactions) of other Registered Users you interact with and no matter how that liability may arise (whether through fraud, negligence, inappropriate behaviour, misleading conduct, breach of contract, breach of law or otherwise).

2.3           Every user of the Chooza Platform (including Registered Users) agrees with Chooza that to the maximum extent permitted by law:

 a.             You will assume sole and entire responsibility for and indemnify and save harmless Chooza from and against all claims, costs, liabilities, losses, expenses, responsibility and damages (on an on-demand basis) by reason of any claim, proceedings, action, liability or injury arising out of your use of the Chooza Platform and/or any breach by you of these Terms including (without limitation) where you have breached your covenants and obligations to other Registered Users.

b.             While Chooza will use reasonable, industry standard, efforts to ensure the integrity of the Chooza Platform and all data and information uploaded on or via the Chooza Platform and otherwise contained within it, Chooza is not (and will not be) liable to you or any third party in the event that the Chooza Platform is compromised and that results in any harm and/or loss to you of whatever kind or nature.

c.             You use the Chooza Platform at your own risk. While Chooza will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Chooza Platform is working properly at all times, Chooza does not guarantee that the Chooza Platform will work all of the time nor does Chooza take any responsibility for any errors or risks that arise from your use of the Chooza Platform