How to Guide

Registering your charity on Chooza is simple and only takes a few minutes.

In order for us to comply with AML regulations, you will need the following documents in electronic format to upload as part of the registration.


Verification of your bank account in the form of a deposit slip (preffered), cheque, bank statement, screen shot of online banking, photograph or PDF of original documentation, that clearrly shows the bank account name and number.


Two forms of ID Verification of designation of trustee with the main authority i.e., Chairman, CEO etc.

  1. A copy of either your New Zealand Drivers Licence or New Zealand Passport.
  2. One of the following that is less than 12 months old
    • Recent bank statement including residential address
    • Recent utility or rates bill including residential address
    • A statement issued by a government agency (e.g., a statement from the Inland Revenue Department)


A copy of the signature of the authorised person (this will only be used for the issuing of receipts to donators).

Note: you will need your credit card for the monthly registration fee, as we only accept credit cards as payment.

Once you have completed and submitted your registration, we will need to verify all the details before your account is activated — this takes two working days, and you will be notified when your account has been approved and activated.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.