Koha for Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, so too do the stories of death, destruction, pain, and suffering.

These are the stories of real people with real families, with real hopes and real fears.

As we sit here on the other side of the world our hearts go out to Ukraine, and so too does our feeling of hopelessness at not knowing what to do to help.

While we may not have money to give, we all have something we can do without that can be turned into a donation. 

On behalf of all the people of Ukraine and the great charities making a difference, we urge you to please look around you, see what you have that you don’t need and list them here so the people of Ukraine have a fighting chance.


Kiwi Business – Now’s your time to help

If you’re in business, now is the time to step up and use your business as a force for good. 

You can list anything from end-of-line stock, to samples, to vouchers – and what a great way to showcase your business at the same time.

There has never been an easier way to give and never a more importing time to give.


In the spirit of kiwi generosity and what koha is all about, please do what you can to help make a difference – raid your cupboards and garages today to list items on Chooza so the proceeds of your sale can make a difference.


Please support these charities making a difference in Ukraine


ReliefAid was founded in late 2014 by kiwi Mike Seawright, after a decade of working in conflict zones. We specialise in delivering emergency aid to people affected by conflict. We have delivered emergency aid to over 250,000 people caught in the crossfire of war in Syria in Afghanistan. We operate with minimum overheads by virtue of our partnerships and a strong volunteer base, enabling donations to us to go directly from NZ to deliver aid within the country it is needed. 

Our work in Ukraine

Two weeks after the start of the Ukraine conflict Mike Seawright was in Ukraine establishing our humanitarian aid operation. Thanks to incredible donor, partner and volunteer support within two weeks we were able to start delivering food to towns that have been decimated by fighting and medical supplies to hospitals treating trauma cases. As this work continues, we have also secured 18 trucks of shelter materials which are being delivered to people living in bomb damaged buildings and collective centres. Our work on the frontlines is only possible through the actions of the people who support us. 

We are grateful to the team at Chooza for their philanthropy and giving us the opportunity to benefit from their work and your support.


Save the Children New Zealand 

In the early hours of 24 February 2022, Russian forces launched major cross-border attacks against Ukraine from the north, east and south. Since then, no mercy has been shown to innocent civilians, including children.

Armed troops on the ground and aerial explosions in the capital Kyiv and other major cities such as Kharkiv are forcing children and families into basements and bomb shelters.

Right now, we’re seeing thousands upon thousands of children and their families desperately fleeing this violence. They’re making their way across the border and into countries like Poland and Romania.

Mothers are grabbing their babies and whatever else they can carry. Dads are dropping their families at the border and turning back to join the fight. Children are confused, scared and clinging to their soft toys for comfort.

The scale of this emergency is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Our teams are on the ground right now, in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries like Poland, Lithuania and Romania.

Your gift will go directly to supporting these children and their families. You’ll help provide immediate aid including food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.

This is our biggest global appeal ever. Will you join with a donation today?


Child Fund New Zealand 

Children Need Your Help After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

What would you do if your home was no longer safe? If you woke up to military tanks invading your streets?

I’m sure you’ve seen the images on the news… children and families rushing to get out of Ukraine. Bombs falling from the sky… Innocent lives lost in the fighting. Their world being turned upside down, all in a flash!

With your support, we have been creating a world where children have a safe place to play, learn and grow, free from violence and exploitation. Sadly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put millions of children at risk, leaving families terrified and wondering what tomorrow may bring.

Pain. Fear. Hunger.

So far, more than 2.5 million Ukrainians have fled their country. But there are millions still stranded across the country, desperate for support. With a massive shortage of food, medicine and fuel, things continue to get worse for children and families.

In Eastern Ukraine, this is all happening while heavy snow falls and temperatures dip well below freezing. There’s no electricity, no heating, little food and little water supply.

ChildFund is on the ground in Ukraine

For nearly 20 years we’ve been working in communities across Ukraine, providing support for vulnerable children and youth. Now, more than ever, ChildFund is needed to provide immediate support for victims and refugees.

Our focus is on ensuring children and families have access to basic needs like food, water and medicine, and providing psychosocial and educational support to keep children occupied during this devastating time.

UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand

Ukrainian children and families are scrambling for survival. Since the start of the crisis, they've endured the ongoing violence, destruction and upheaval of an escalating conflict.

Children have been forced from their homes, and many families have fled Ukraine as refugees into neighbouring countries. Right now, more than 4.3 million children have been displaced and are in urgent need.

Your immediate donations can bring humanitarian aid to save lives.

As the conflict evolves, and children's needs evolve, so too does our response.

But with your help, UNICEF will stay and deliver emergency assistance to every Ukrainian child who needs us.

UNICEF is working across Ukraine, and in neighbouring countries, to rapidly scale up life-saving assistance. This will ensure there is immediate help for children and families in need, including: 

Ensuring enough pre-positioned humanitarian supplies are available for 8 million people, in strategic locations throughout Ukraine.

Now is the time to act.

Your donation today will help us continue delivering urgent supplies to the most vulnerable children in Ukraine.  


Amnesty International New Zealand 


Right now, people in Ukraine are facing a catastrophic human rights crisis. Take action to demand that the Russian authorities stop this act of aggression and protect civilians now.

Amnesty International staff have verified reports and video footage of indiscriminate attacks on civilians. We have documented strikes on hospitals and schools, the use of indiscriminate weapons like ballistic missiles and banned weapons like cluster bombs. Civilians are dying and potential war crimes are being committed.

We have power in numbers to call for this to stop.

In times like this, it can feel hard to see how your one action can help. However we have seen time and again the power millions of people taking action together can have. Globally, Amnesty International is exerting pressure to ensure governments uphold the rule of law and protect people's lives. But this is a complex situation with a small window of opportunity – so every bit of action we take now to add to this pressure is critical. 

In Russia, brave people are taking to the streets. International pressure direct to Russian decision-makers is urgently needed, so they can see the scale of opposition to their actions and to add to the condemnation they're already hearing.

Whatever you give, you'll be making a difference for human rights.